About Us

Welcome to NIMS Kanpur (MCA Coaching in Kanpur)

The NIMS Kanpur is a private coaching establishment. NIMS Kanpur is established to prepare the students for various MCA Entrance Examinations held throughout the country.

NIMS Kanpur Classes for MCA Entrance Examinations run under complete control of RAM GOPAL SINGH was launched in the year 1998. Within a short span it has achieved the status of undisputed leader in the country in the field of preparing students for MCA Entrance Examinations.

NIMS Kanpur has been imparting guidance for MCA Entrance Examinations to students from all over states of U.P., Uttrakhand, M.P., Chattisgarh, Bihar, Jharkhand, Maharastra, Orissa, West Bengal etc. Besides, students come from places as far as Andhra Pradesh and Nepal. This has been possible because of our excellent results year after year at various MCA Entrance Examinations.

NIMS Kanpur does not give any degree or diploma of MCA. It provides coaching to the students and prepares them to compete in the Entrance Examinations of MCA held by various Universities. It does not under take any guarantee to the students to provide any degree from any university. Its main aim is to prepare students to take MCA Entrance Examinations.